Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pine Tar & Sweet Tea Chapter 3 Teaser, AKA The One Where Jacob Completely Fucks Up My Outline

I had this mostly okay outline for PT&ST for a while. I started writing chapter 3, and everything through Edward's POV was going along swimmingly.

Then I started writing Jacob's POV, and all hell broke loose.

I was in the zone, writing away to get my thoughts down as quickly as I had them. After a few paragraphs, I read what I'd written. Small problem: the Jacob in those paragraphs would have never allowed half the things that were in my outline to occur. And I really like the Jacob in those paragraphs.

I took a break and completely rewrote my outline. Now, instead of being mostly okay, it's an outline I really like, which tells me I made the right decision in going with the Jacob in chapter 3.

So, in chapter 2, Jacob and Edward made plans to have dinner and some "adult" conversation. In chapter 3, we finally get to read about the "date":

I brushed some stray hair from my face and struggled to get a handle on myself. As he walked toward me, his dark eyes locked on mine, and all the reasons why I shouldn't were replaced with one overpowering thought.

Why not?

He stopped no more than a foot away from me, his hands shoved deep into his pockets. I smirked when I realized he was discreetly adjusting himself.

"Edward," he said softly.

"Jacob," I replied, trying to keep my voice calm and even.

Bella's new burly friend flew past us, and Jacob's players were filing into the restaurant. We stood, unmoving, staring at each other.

My mouth was so dry, I could hardly speak. "Hungry?"

He bit his plump bottom lip. "Starving."

It was going to be a long, awkward dinner if we couldn't get past single-word sentences.
Oh, the boys are so adorkable :)  The new chapter will be posted on Friday, and you can see then if they ever speak two or more words at a time ;)

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